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Cops Adding Charges After Lethal?

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Just something I think is a little weird, the main example I can think of is getting killed by lethals at a Fed Reserve then the cop adds "Aiding in a reserve robbery, Attempted Manslaughter" or whatever it may be, isn't that kind of cheap? Same would go for like a hostage situation. Do you guys like this and why should it be allowed since its kind of a new life and you already lose gear and what not. Personally im all for charges getting added if they got killed by lethals then revived by medic. But if they had to respawn what do you guys think? I play cop too so please don't think this is just to lash out on the cops, other cops opinions would be awesome!

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I'm actually really torn on this. For hostage situations I don't think it's right to add hostage situation if you pardoned the player. However if there request is items then I see no reason to not add it. 


In regards to a fed rob or jail break it's a bit hard for the cops to add charges during the initial event that's why they get added after. I can understand the new life dilemma tho because technically you are a new man with no charges. I think this will need to be something the staff and senior apd discuss and have a final ruling on it.   

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