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Uploading of last night's podcast?

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hes gonna be uploading it later, just give the bloke some time, hes probably in a gaming coma atm from being awake / doing to much in to little time.





just be patient you one, and you will be rewarded.

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You most likely won't be able to watch it on the twitch app. Dumb kid Warfare over here forgot to hit record so I need to wait till Poseidon is up so he can upload it from the Twitch. Worst case scenario I'll record it from online and upload it that way. 

Oh no!  :( I was looking forward for it today. I'll just watch in on my PC when I get home. Thanks for the heads up Warfare. And a special thanks to all the staff for setting the podcast up to discuss everything. It really shows your commitment to this community... See? Why would I want to leave Olympus?.  :D

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