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!10x pcov - 250k ea
!6x ghillie csat - 50k ea 

!3x hex csat - 50k ea
!11x urban csat - 50k ea 

3x police cap  (offer)

1x Cpl Beret (offer)

1x Dep Vest (offer)


!2x MK1 - 1.1m ea

!1x MXGL + 8 smoke canisters - (offer)

!1x Sting - 100k

!1x PO7 - 50k

!1x Zubr - 75k


!1x DMS - 4m

!1x 762 supp - 3m

1x 5.8 supp - 400k
6x 9mm supp - 50k ea



1x RPG - 1.1m
2x RPG Rockets - 125k ea or 200k for both



5x stone (cop flashbangs) (offer)

3x m6 slam mine (offer)

2x explo charge (offer)

1x small ied (offer)

1x large ied (offer)

2x rgn (offer)

2x rgo (offer)


!1x armed huron - 10m 

Link to up to date google doc in my signature.

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