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Locked Server Rule Update 3/27 - Gang Base Skirmish

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Chapter 23: Event Specific Rules

  1. Event rules may be modified by the staff member running the event, always follow guidelines set forth by staff broadcasts and use common sense
  2. Violation of event rules (including those specified by a staff member during an event) may result in an event disruption ban
  3. Conquest
    1. Warzone rules apply inside the conquest zone (no NLR, KOS, etc)
    2. Civilians may not make use of armed aerial vehicles, slung armed vehicles, or AT vehicles
    3. Vigilantes may not camp areas solely to stop or arrest conquest participants (including, but not limited to, the nearest city/rebel/sheds)
    4. Players may not go to conquest with the sole intention of stealing/chopping vehicles
    5. Players may look through walls & floors, but may not poke their gun through to shoot.
    6. R&R
      1. Medics are not permitted to enter the conquest zone
    7. APD
      1. APD Handbook: Server Events
      2. APD Handbook: SWAT
  4. Airdrop
    1. All players within the marked airdrop redzone are KOS
    2. APD
      1. APD Handbook: Server Events
  5. Gang Base Skirmish
    1. Conquest rules apply inside the Gang Base Skirmish zone (no NLR, KOS, armed aerial vehicles, etc)
    2. Players may not utilize RPGs, Mines and Explosive charges/IEDS at the Gangbase Skirmish
    3. Vigilantes/APD may not tase or restrain players participating in the event (this includes players spawning, gearing, or travelling in the general vicinity and nearby rebels)


Following this update our scheduling of Server 1 Gang Base Skirmish will start on Sunday at 12PM PST/3PM EST. Tomorrow's Skirmish, 3/28, will be the final Skirmish hosted on a Monday.

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