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Locked Server Rule Update 7/10

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Chapter 24: Event Specific Rules
Gang Base Skirmish

  1. Conquest rules apply inside the Gang Base Skirmish zone (no NLR, KOS, armed aerial vehicles, etc)
  2. Players may not utilize RPGs, Mines and Explosive charges/IEDS at the Gangbase Skirmish
  3. Vigilantes/APD may not tase or restrain players participating in the event (this includes players spawning, gearing, or travelling in the general vicinity and nearby rebels)
  4. Warzone Rules apply inside the conquest zone (no NLR, KOS, etc)
  5. The winner of a gang base skirmish may not participate in, or interfere with other skirmishes on the same day
  6. Skirmish rules related specifically to the APD and R&R can be found in the APD Handbook and R&R Handbook
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