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Olympus Developer Applications
We're currently looking to fill some developer positions for Olympus. This will be starting at the role of "Contributor". If you're interested in applying for either role please read below and submit an application in the support section of the forums for "Developer/Designer Application" then select the desired position. Those who have applied previously are welcome to re-apply. I highly suggest putting good effort into your application for best results. We would rather have quality vs quantity. 

Developers: Developers are seen as staff members. They are invited to staff meetings, seen as staff on the directory and within the game, have staff perks, generous rewards, and significant payouts. However, Developers are expected to commit more to the mission file. They should be well versed in SQF and basic concepts should be understood fully. They are also expected to act as staff. 
Contributors: Contributors are not seen as staff. They are not invited to staff meetings and do not see rewards to the degree that staff do. However, they do receive rewards for their work and are expected to maintain a level of activity (not as heavy as Developers). They may still be learning SQF and basic concepts should be understood to a moderate degree. They are not expected to act as staff, however they are expected to act with maturity.


  • 18+ Years of Age
  • Knowledge and experience with other coding languages.
  • Basic knowledge of a programming language
  • Experience with the Olympus Community
  • Experience with the Olympus ArmA servers
  • Good Reputation on Olympus
  • Strong Database Knowledge
  • Ability to show unique and creative styles in reference to Altis Life, coding, and problem-solving 
    • **This cannot be stressed enough when it comes to work examples**

In your staff application, please answer the following questions:

  1. Which development position are you applying for? (Web or SQF)
  2. Why do you feel you are a good pick for the development team?
  3. Are you familiar with any other coding languages?
  4. What is your programming background (if any)?
  5. What is your schedule like in a typical week?
  6. How well do you work with a team?
  7. How are you at handling multiple tasks at one time?
  8. Can you work well under pressure (there will be times when at least a slight crunch time is expected)?
  9. Anything else you would like to add?

Applications should be submitted as a "Developer/Designer Application" under the support tab. Ensure that you include as many work examples as you can in your application as they are heavily used to gauge your skills and knowledge. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to any Developer+. 

SQF Development Team

The Olympus SQF Development team is composed of individuals who are well versed enough in SQF (ArmA 3’s coding language) to produce new content for the server, debug existing content, and optimize the gamemode.


  • 17+ Years of Age (exemptions can be made, however there is a level of maturity expected) 
  • Basic knowledge of SQF (ability to create a script to perform on demand basically)
  • Knowledge of nearly all potential loop structures and formatting for them
  • Knowledge of different variable types (Global/Local/Public) and how they function in Arma 3
  • General understanding of scopes
  • General understanding of the different data types available for Arma 3
  • Basic knowledge of Multiplayer/Dedicated Server Environments for Arma 3
  • Basic knowledge of MySQL as well as able to form general SQL query statements (for server-side database queries)
  • Basic Arma 3 GUI design knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of GitHub or other version control repository provider (GitLab, BitBucket, etc)
  • Ability to demonstrate the above before acceptance


Web Development Team

Web Developers focus mainly upon improvement of the stats page & life control. They may be tasked with keeping the systems up to date with in game changes and adding new features. 


  • Git
  • Backend:
    • MySQL/MariaDB
    • Flask + SQLAlchemy (Python)
  • Frontend
    • VueJS (Typescript)
    • HTML, Bootstrap


  • Basic programming/software development background
  • Experience with web development in any language/framework

Experience with all/most of the technologies isn't required as you're willing to give learning your best shot and have some background in programming & web development.

In your application, include an assessment of your knowledge/experience with all the listed technologies (it's okay if you don't meet all of them, just be honest!). Also, include a brief description of why you would like the position and why you'd be a good choice.

Additionally, include some examples of previous work; I'll accept examples that make use of other languages/frameworks than specified above if it shows you know what you're doing, but the more you submit the better 🙂 . Please include a demo/description of each example as well as a link to the source code (if you're willing to share it).

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