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Azizora "Ozzy" Jones belated intro

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Hi folks,

Been spending some time on Olympus this summer and thought I'd finally post here.  

In terms of gaming I'm most recently a refugee from Eve Online (huge single-shard spaceship MMO).  Eve is interesting to be sure: I really love the sandbox and economy aspects, and I was a member of one of the relevant nullsec alliances (Black Legion), but after 4 years of playing I decided that the gameplay itself just wasn't doing it for me.  Thinking about Eve is more fun than actually playing it.

Before Eve I used to play FFXI on a PS2 back in the day.  Such a grind, but an effective exp party was like a well-oiled machine when you really got in the zone.  FFXI convinced me that cross-platform gaming is a horrible idea: the people on the PC will always eventually get fed up.  

Found out about Arma in general via the DayZ standalone.  I really want to like DayZ but I don't see the point of playing until it's out of alpha (which might be never).  

On Olympus I'm a member of a small, fledgling gang (the Untouchables), and a fresh R&R recruit.  I like the emphasis on fun interactions here and I think this community has lots going for it.

Pretty sure I'm older than the average player here (mid 30's).  Be cool, stay in school, and if any of you ever want to know anything about Neuroscience hit me up.


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