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  1. Ozzy Jones

    People losing all of their money and needing to go back to doing runs is a feature, not a bug. Moreover, better to learn the lesson the hard way on Olympus than IRL. Granted, with no house edge, there are some good betting strategies that greatly reduce your risk of losing your shirt, but these require some math and discipline.
  2. Ozzy Jones

    The new credits are SEXY
  3. Ozzy Jones

    I'm still unsure what is the point of the boat shop near Athira except as a start to some very very long salvage runs - nearest usable shipwreck is pretty far away. Overall the new map is good but the NW quadrant still feels underutilized.
  4. Ozzy Jones

    To keep it in the same ballpark as what people would pay for a revive, 10-20k is reasonable. Nobody is going to pay half the cost of a loadout for a taxi ride. Instead of trying to charge a giant fee that nobody is going to want to pay, stay out of red zones and drop people off at the edge if needs be -- that way your vehicle theft immunity isn't voided.
  5. something is screwy with server 1 - a bunch of us can't log in - stuck on "receiving data"

    1. Destruct


      Picture for perspective: c370ada8992c5f547bfe9b01d2c7ca50.jpg

    2. Vortex


      same thing just happened to me when i tried hopping on medic

    3. Mighty


      server three crashes at least one or two times a day..

  6. Ozzy Jones

    The End of the Fucking World (on Netflix) was pretty brilliant.
  7. https://www.lesserwrong.com/posts/KbaJsfBtdpGv7EKbC/the-mtg-color-wheel For anyone who plays or used to play Magic: The Gathering, this is an interesting article, and it lends itself to characterizing the different sorts of players on Olympus. Medics: White & Blue (blue aspect comes from the privileged knowledge of revive locations) APD: White, +Blue (if played well with good recon & communications) Chaotic players/rebel gangs focusing on robbing, scatting, illegal runs: Black & Red Well-coordinated rebel gangs; good at cartels/feds/etc: Black & Blue Vigis: White & Black & Red (+blue if plans are thought through) WPL holders / noobs / lone wolves doing legal runs: Red & Green (+Blue if sneaky) Taxi drivers: White & Red
  8. Ozzy Jones

    Have you even played on this server?
  9. Ozzy Jones

    I had a similar experience about a year and a half ago -- woke up, started browsing facebook on my phone, learned that my roommate's boyfriend (also a former roommate) had died of an OD. It was shocking, but not altogether surprising. Still, seeing the guy you talked to last week in a coffin is surreal. The shit is everywhere but it's been especially bad in Boston, and the priest at the funeral seemed worn down from seeing so many young OD deaths recently. Being a bit older than the average Olympus player and having seen alot of shit in my life, if there's one piece of life advice I can offer that I have zero doubts about, it's to stay the fuck away from opioids.
  10. Ozzy Jones

    Close call but I'd go with the Strix. More RAM capacity (128 GB vs 64, although 64 is probably still mega-overkill for gaming purposes) and it has wifi built in in case you ever need it. I've found Asus products to be very reliable; I don't have much experience with Gigabyte. Look at reviews and see whether either has DOA or reliability issues reported, and if they're the same on that count then I'd probably go with whichever is cheaper.
  11. Ozzy Jones

    I liked Mumble back when I played EVE and my corp used it.
  12. Ozzy Jones

    Been playing with it pretty much my whole 2.5 years on Olympus and I fucking love it. Makes landing in tight spots soooo much easier when you can just tilt your head to see what's underneath you, also helps very much with situational awareness. Also makes a few other games I have much better; X-Plane 11 and Elite:Dangerous both work with it. A few caveats: Good posture while playing is a must. If you're a big slouch or like to shift around a bunch, you'll need to change (i.e., improve) your habits. Takes a bunch of tweaking to get things just right for Arma. Disabling the the XYZ axes (keeping only pitch, yaw, and roll), was a must for me although individual preferences may vary. You'll need to set up a key to re-center the axis when you do shift position a bit -- for convenience I use middle mouse click. If you're not re-centered properly then you won't get certain scroll wheel options in Arma (e.g., interacting with shops) when you think you should. Track Clip Pro is a must-have but that's another ~$60 you'll be spending. I tried the baseball cap thing for a week and hated it. The headband on my headset (Corsair, forget which model) is too thick for the track clip so I clip it to the mic bar It's going to take a week or so until you feel comfortable with it and your muscle memory does its trick -- don't give up if you're not thrilled straight out of the box.
  13. Ozzy Jones

    Best thing on the list, should have happened years ago.
  14. New kiddos need to buy the heli DLC if they want rides in my medic Taru -- it's never happened before but happened 3 times today. Was there a steam sale or something?

  15. If you don't want someone to be revived, and you want to be 100% sure of it, you need to babysit their corpse for 15 minutes. That's the game we're playing on this server. What that medic did was totally legit. It's a judgement call, but if the sneak revive attempt is sufficiently sneaky then it's totally ok. The "not valuing your life" thing only kicks in when there's a gun pointed at the medic and/or you know for sure you're being watched by the players/gang denying the revive.

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