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  1. If you don't want someone to be revived, and you want to be 100% sure of it, you need to babysit their corpse for 15 minutes. That's the game we're playing on this server. What that medic did was totally legit. It's a judgement call, but if the sneak revive attempt is sufficiently sneaky then it's totally ok. The "not valuing your life" thing only kicks in when there's a gun pointed at the medic and/or you know for sure you're being watched by the players/gang denying the revive.
  2. Maybe it's a rarity nowadays, but perhaps my most favorite Olympus moment ever is the one time I was getting robbed during a legal run and I called the APD and they came in a heli and totally ruined the robber's day. If gangs are out of control on the server then either the APD isn't doing its job or players aren't taking advantage of them for backup. One hint: try doing your runs during a Fed/Blackwater/Jailbreak if you want a reduced risk of getting ganked.
  3. And that is why you always record while you play Olympus. Without recording and submitting, the rules have no teeth.
  4. My best advice for both the APD and R&R tests is that if all of the answers were common sense, we wouldn't need the tests. Try your hardest to memorize everything that's arbitrary or counterintuitive. Any time a number appears in the handbook, you probably want to memorize that number.
  5. So does this mean that effectively it's now impossible to "fail RP" when getting robbed? i.e., all possible actions that the game lets you take when unrestrained are fair game? (aside from respawning, of course) edit: nvm didn't see the rule update post. nice work!
  6. There was never anything fair about the way the legacy donator situation was handled. It was phased out gradually entirely in order to prevent a revolt and keep the server alive. There's simply nothing to be commended about having donated before July 2015 vs. after. The best possible policy going forward is to erase all evidence in terms of gameplay (purely cosmetic or not), that the legacy donator thing ever happened. With this, I think we're 99% of the way there.
  7. Hats off to Poseidon for keeping this place alive all of these years. I'm also happy to hear about this change -- looking forward to @McDili's direct, patient, and open style of communication with the community extending into this new role.
  8. here's an example of what I'm thinking. If proximity to Kavala would lag things too badly then there's another good spot at Agios Konstantinos a few km north. https://imgur.com/a/m1GQt
  9. My idea for the carrier was to have it be Kavala's airport. Put it a few km north of Kavala sq and build a ramp from the shoreline to the deck, and have plane/heli shops on the deck. Right now there's really no way to land a plane anywhere near Kavala, except that if you're really really good and lag is low you can land the Caesar BTT on the beach. In any case, I think it would go a long way toward making the planes useful for getting around the map. Optionally (and this would be controversial) make the Kavala carrier no-go specifically for stealing vehicles (use taxi rules; can still rob the player and trunk) -- I could see there being a problem with low-effort carrier camping.
  10. Oh - forum access comes whenever a Coordinator gets around to it, as far as I know. Can still take a day or two.
  11. During the end of the interview once you pass. If you didn't get them, then someone simply forgot that part. Contact any Sr. Medic in ts to get your tags. Also, @Renim you had enough minutes for Paramedic, so next time you log in you'll be whitelisted at that rank.
  12. Welcome to the same boat as everyone else who donated after July 2015. Getting back to a level playing field was always going to cause tears, at least now it can be blamed on BI instead of Olympus staff.
  13. As someone who started regularly playing Olympus more or less the week before the legacy perks were put behind a wall for all new players in July 2015, I am happy to see this happen. I'm sure I'm not alone.
  14. Because the uses for unarmed jets are so limited, it might be worthwhile to make the insurance costs (proportionately) smaller compared to other vehicles. So if the Buzzard costs $2m to buy, make the insurance $400k (one fifth of the purchase price) instead of whatever it is (usually around half of the purchase price). It's not an invitation to just crash them left and right, but I think more people would buy them, and make more currency disappear from the server, if crashing one wasn't quite so painful. The only good argument against this that I can come up with is that more jets in the sky = more lag (possibly).
  15. Some sort of toggleable official "on duty" switch is a very commonly requested feature. Taxis are immune to having their vehicle stolen - it helps but I agree with willi that more could be done. Perhaps a rule such as: you may not attempt to kill or rob someone who contacted you via taxi dispatch unless they engaged you first. Ideally, when you get your taxi license you'd get access to a dispatch menu like medics have, and civs who request a taxi would get a notification when a taxi driver decides to take their call. The dispatch menu could designate calls as "en route", "queued", or "decline service". Another idea (a bit more out there): actually implement a meter, with customizable rates per km and per minute, just like in a real taxi. Menu would have boxes to fill in the 2 rates, plus 4 buttons: start, reset, pause, charge fare. To prevent sketchiness surrounding actually collecting the fare, the "charge fare" function would charge the total on the meter while you and your passenger are inside a (optionally) locked vehicle. Passengers would have to click "ok" or "cancel" on a pop up after the driver tries to start the meter, in order to prevent abuse. Even without implementing the meter, being able to charge fares while inside the vehicle would be a huge improvement and a huge safety buff for taxi drivers. Other things: more vehicles! Taxi-skinned plane so you can paradrop people for hire but not worry about getting your plane stolen.

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