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time for a break

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i need a break from olympus for a while im not quitting but. i just need to detach i do enjoy my roles or when i play. but the things that have been going on of late have me abit burnt out so il be taking a break from medic and cop i just feel doesnt matter what i do right or try help its thrown back in my face. the rp has been long gone i think for a while its just hands up or die i got you recorded ive been this ive been that "how do you know my name" to vehicles being rvded people generally being assholes so i dont need that toxicity constantly. i will be back though. some of you dont like me i know or how i am i dont care but just this shits gotten to much for now so il see you guys around sometime .... maybe be gone for a month or 2 i dont know. good luck to you all on olympus hope you enjoy it and dont get robbed too much lol .....

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Ya, the server just needs some time, since the wipe it hasn't been the same. More people just need to join and catch along with how everything works. After Exile dies out a little the servers will be better. I'll miss a pal

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Ah, I understand how you feel.  When I play civ and get caught by cops I always " have a wallet on me for ID purposes ", why delay the inevitable?.  What are CIVS trying to accomplish when already getting caught with the ridiculous "How do you know my name" line?.  If they give us a hard time with that it is just going to ruin the moment for us and we are possibly going to be less nicer with you.

But, take that break Danny.  When you come back hopefully Olympus is still the place you want to be in.  Have a good one. 

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