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I give great head

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...raising pep talks in team speak...

- Some of my rants involve killing so hard that the kid of person you kill chest explodes because he got killed to death

- They say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions but by God you'll pave the road with the bodies of the people who try to stop you

- How dare they try to take your cartel that you live, and breathe, and build.. YOU WILL NOT DIE FOR THE CARTEL.. YOU KILL FOR THE CARTEL

So if anyone needs pep talks before Cartel invasion, Cartel defense, Rebel raids, Feds, and Mass processing... invite CheckUrFood&Water into your group and get ready to feel the motivation across your face..

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Will you luv me long time big boi?

All the way to the end...


I can vouch for his services. He's actually a really good at pep talks. :)

I'm the best at making you the beast...


shhhhhhhhhhhhhh... *finger on your lips pressing 
upwards that it makes your upper lip curl up and I slightly pick your nose*


Teens nowadays be like: "Whats yo kik girl?"

 Its actually Metsu_Hadouken

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