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Farewell Olympus!

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Oh man the times in Altis Life... good, bad, and ugly!! xD I've had fun working on Olympus with Poseidon and Zeus and it turned out more successful than I thought. They did amazing on it. Poseidon is very skilled at what he does best and making random noises in teamspeak xD. Zeus was also a pain in the ass but very fun to play with as well! To think it all started with just a group of people from the Asylum Life servers. The trolling was real on the last day of our stay on that server let me tell ya! Many people have come and go from our original group (Bionic) for those of you who didn't know about our previous existence before Olympus. It's now my time to say farewell! I will miss Altis Life but I am moving on to different things I'm taking my test to achieve my Certified Cisco Network Administrator cert and I'll be continuing my online classes. I was never the kind of guy that liked Altis Life.. Hell before I even tried Altis Life I was the kind of guy that was like HAH! Roleplay is for faggots! xD But my mind has definitely changed after this experience.


I might be on once in a blue moon trolling the streets of kavala.. Or especially Bobey :).


Farewell Altis Life! :)

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Have a good one Apollo, especially with those online classes. You'll be ever shining on Olympus (Get it, Apollo.. Greek God Of Light/Sun?)

I'm currently doing two A level computing courses in college (Computer science, Computer design) basically HTML5, CSS, Python with minor java implementations.

Tis' all they need.

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