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Some Things That Happened Today :D


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1 minute ago, brodyunderwood1 said:

how many of your sentences start with "so"

Did that on purpose :D, I wanted to see if someone niticed it :D


1 minute ago, Colton said:

Nice shot. As soon as someone told me you were coming around I went  put my Crossair at center mass and sprayed a full mag into you and nothing. I shall now call you "Bandwidth Boi 3" xD jk

Lol man, I've been trying to get better. I guess it helped :D

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Thanks for the replies :D


2 minutes ago, grizzlybear said:

damn dude if you got luke duke also that would have been sick.

Ya, I watched the clip back and thought I should have rushed. I am pretty good at rushing if I say so myself ;)

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1 minute ago, Corporal_moob said:

Wow. So when somebody kills me they make a video about it. SICK AF MANG. I MUST BE A STEAM ROLLER

It was more of the 3 Ripped and It was something I could add to the V video plus the Heli, So no, but sure Mr. Steam Roller, Also MK200?

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1 minute ago, Corporal_moob said:

By the way. Might want to pay attention in your video audio before you post it ''Jordan, Just call yourself Icombatlogafterrespawn, cover your ass'' Top Meta 2015 #Recorded #Submittedonyourownvideo #Smellyourmediclateridiot.

ok pal

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1 minute ago, Corporal_moob said:

Logs in (No tags). Revives 2 NW, Refuses to revive Mory. I repeat. SMELL. YA. LATER. IDIOT.

Moob i have no idea what has happened fam? but mory logged after re-spawning i believe who ever that fuck boy medic was rev'd us

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9 hours ago, Ham said:

Due to random hate, I deleted the video. Don't know what happened, but okay. next Time I won't post a video were Moob gets 3 Ripped 

Two people expressed "hate" about the video... You know why you really removed it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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