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Sling loading

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So I have never tried to sling load or tow anything on this server I know how it works but I have a few questions before I go attempting it 

So first do tow hooks and cables get removed when your vehicle is stored? ( I think yes? ) 

Do they get removed after a SOFT restart? 

Can you (other than medic) actually tow any vehicals with the tow hooks or is this disabled as civ 

And finally can variations of helis lift vehicals ie can a taru bench lift a box truck ( I know a normal taru can) 


Thanks :D

-Jeff Chaplin

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I'll do what I can to answer your question:

Tow hooks and slings DO get removed if the vehicle is stored or it explodes. (found that out the hard way R.I.P 200k)

I do not know if they get removed via a SOFT restart, but I would assume yes. (Poseidon or Djwolf will be able to answer that more thoroughly)

You cannot tow vehicles as a civ, but you can sling them.

The M900 can sling a quadbike at most, Orcas can sling SUVs, Offroads, and other smaller cars, Hellcats can sling same as orcas. The bigger helis such as Mohawk, Huron, and Tarus can sling almost everything else, with exceptions. Hurons can sling Hemmt transports, but not the hemmt boxes. I don't think hemmt boxes can be slung. As for variations, I'm not sure, never tested it.

Others may be able to answer your questions better or correct me if I'm wrong. But that's the extent of my knowledge.

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