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CRIMESHARE.COM seeks Angel Investors from Kavala

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Due to a tragic financial decision involving the speculation of the Platinum Ingot market and a poorly managed marketing budget, Crimeshare.com is nearing bankruptcy. 2016 started as a banner year for our fledgling company with over $3mil (Altis) in sales. Sadly, much of this revenue was squandered by Chief Marketing Office, Ricky Spanish, on beach houses, poorly made commercials and lock picks. 

Crimeshare.com is seeking Angel Investors to prop up our bottom line and keep us out of Alits Bankruptcy Court. Investors of $500k and more will receive unlimited Crimeshare.com services and never again face the unruly requirement of having to spend time in jail for their crimes. Please contact Conan, Whiskey Savage, and Trenton the God to transfer funds and receive your Crimeshare.com membership ID.

Any and all assistance is appreciated.

Evidence of Ricky Spanish's frivolous spending can be seen here in our Superbowl ad that was not released until 2 months after the Superbowl:



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