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  1. If you have a problem with medics id suggest joining them and showing how its done your way. its not easy to answer all the calls as a medic especially if your the only one
  2. i hope this encourages more people to do blackwaters
  3. if i offered my kavala house i bet he would take it, but no im not selling it yet daevon
  4. switch your shadowplay to desktop capture, it will then be able to record bugs, disconnects and most other issues
  5. did wonders, first time ive been able to play more than an hour without bugging
  6. all of those received are low, mine is just short of 100,000,000,000
  7. just asking because i read patch notes about planes for corp but rules have not changed in book for us constables
  8. so po/constable planes are not being changed as of this rule update?
  9. wow i cant believe you guys made a video
  10. 76561198049208322

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