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A time of sadness and sad music ;_;

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Time sure does fly when your having fun.  Mid-late June I joined this wonderful server.  I was nothing more than a lowly offroad weed runner.  I played for a few weeks before I finally got the balls to apply for apd.  Thats when I met Ares, a man not many can under stand :P (<3 ya) AND HE FAILED ME D:



But after all that, I did end up on the APD, and it was by far some of the most fun I've ever (probably will ever have) had.  The RP, the situations you get in, just the awesomeness of being apart of a unit like that.  I didn't know anyone, but by me being an officer, I made some what of a name for my self!  I have met so many wonderful people on this server, all of whom I consider great friends, and everyone on the APD, no matter if I knew you personally or not, I want you to know I considered you a brother and it truly was a privilege to lead you guys (and girl :P).  


Alas, time moves on, and so do people :(  As it stands, alot of my very close friends have left the server for various reasons leaving me all to my lonesom ;_;



So about a day ago I decided I was gonna leave the server, and only told a few cops.  Apparently tho, word spread like wild fire and I got ALOT of messages me asking me why I was leaving and asking me not to leave, and that broke my heart.  


So I won't be "leaving", instead I will just medic so I can keep in touch with everyone :)  I've grown to attached to the server to just up and leave, I really do appreciate all the people who seemingly care about me :D




I won't be on civ, I won't be on APD, but I will be in kavala, saving the lives of anyone who needs it!





Also, I know some of us have had our differences, lets let the past be the past and enjoy the prosperous future that awaits Olympus!


(also yes this does mean RIP SGW, Ima solo flya now :P)




To the APD, I will never hold any hard feelings towards any of you for anything and hope you do the same for me.  I've said things I shouldn't have, but you know, emotions and all that shit.  Keep those dirty fuckin drug runners off the roads for me (but lave the murders, need them dollas mate)


<3 to every single person I've ever met, whether you like or despise me, know I <3 you!




This was meant to be a goodbye to Olympus, but like I said, after all the messages I just can't up and leave you guys ;_;


So if you wanna see or talk to Bobey, just look for the medical hemtt towing vehicles that are in the peoples way :D



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I'm Really glad to hear this Bobey, I hadn't got word that you were leaving, (FREAKING WORK) or I too would have been one pming you!!!.


This just means I'll be kidnapping you at some point so we can have some fun :D


<3 you man.


P.S. you gotta add me on steam sometime.

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