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Anyone else just lose over a mil to the server crash?

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Note to self don't play arma for a day or 2 when a new update is out, guarantee that bohemia break more than they fix or update lol the hex issue was aids enough! Graphics look awesome tho n I can now play on everything ultra with 30+ FPS everywhere! Even Kavala! That was when 40 ppl was on so need to test when full pop! 

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If you have shadow play change to desktop record, change your in-game video settings to full-screen window. So during a glitchy patch if Arma crashes and you log back in, you can hit record and it will record the whole ordeal. In-game recording once arma crashes you will have shadow play issues. If you have Nvidia that is. OBS I am sure you know how to work that. Then submit if it is an honest server issue for comp.

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