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Better late than never (Pvtwanted) dead or alive

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Hey all

I figured it was about time I started on the forums

So hey here I am we'll it's nice to meet you all I'm sure at some stage I have met most of you online by now.

I don't have a bad word to say about any person of the sever right now Evan the people who have rdmd me have learn to start rpin I'm proud of you all I'm all about second chance's

Keep up the great work sever and spread the love of rp to all you see!

Also I would like to take this time to say a big thank you too everyone I have played with on the apd! I love you all and have had a fantastic time with you all and wish to continue that for a very long time !!

Lastly while playing as a corporal I want to thank the civs who instead of shouting a balling at me when they ask for a higher up and I arrive have listened and had a civil conversation !


See you in game !

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