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Watch out for Ham...

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This is a warning for everyone out there. Watch out for ham... We all thought it was just a simple fed, until the 50 cal arrived. This picture is all we have left after everyone but myself was slaughtered in hams rain of terror. Exploding cars, burning bodies, and the sweet, sweet smell of our stolen gold. Watch out... 

18D0370CFEFF99AC8210ACEA83E7D60BC56BB6DC (1920×1080)

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15 minutes ago, Ham said:

A video would've been better, but this is fine. It was really fun watching that kill feed roll. Seems like you guys no balls me though by turning on the sirens. 

I know, my video recorder destroys my frames and I accidentally deleted most of the pictures. But it was still hilarious either way! 

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2 hours ago, Konkz said:

Ham pulling the Benjamin Remer with a leaving post and constantly playing.

#HamIsFake #AttentionSeeker

#YouDidn'tGetMentioned <3


2 hours ago, HamOfMoose said:

thats a fake ham.... im the real ham.........

No, I'm the real Ham <3

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