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Something Big is Coming

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Something big is coming my friends, these admins of Olympus entertainment need to start opening their ears a little more.  We want hexes, we know there is a fix to this, that is why I think we all bond together and make this happen.  These cruel people who only care about what they want not what the server wants, I realize the admins are volunteer but they need to start adding more features people want to see instead of focusing on adding a useless court house.


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Patience is a virtue. Something few people seem to possess. It will be fixed when it gets fixed. Stop whining. Be creative and figure out a way to play without relying so much on hexes.

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20 minutes ago, Muthinator said:

Honestly, why dont the admins delete this garbage.  This is the kind of worthless shit that we dont need more of on the forums.

This thread is harmless. We don't want to go full nazi on the forums.


EDIT: By harmless I mean this guy isn't really causing anybody to lose sleep. Just a random shitpost.

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1 hour ago, #freeTheL9g9nd said:

auction house my bad buddy i dont constantly refresh the forums like you do big man

Thank you. I am so honored that you noticed me. :) 

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2 minutes ago, Brynjar said:

There should be another big server wipe.

OH NO NO NO! Olympus went down in player count so much after the wipe, and it took a long time for it to become as it was before.

btw, learn to jump check you mong

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30 minutes ago, Brynjar said:

jump check?

Say I'm in a TS with you. We're fighting another gang, and we don't have hexes so we don't know who is who. So, I see a guy, and I don't know if it's you, or the enemy gang. So I say vault or jump check. If you vault or jump, you heard me say vault or jump in the ts, so I know the unidentified person is you. If the unidentified person doesn't vault or jump, they didn't hear me say vault/jump check in the TS, so it can't be you.

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Just now, Augustus said:

In DayZ, people had no way to tell who were your friends or not, there where no hexes. So people would say vault/jump check and if the unidentified person vaults or jumps, they're friendly. If they don't, they aren't with you. It can be used in Arma 3 too.

interesting, with the new buggy hex system, it would be interesting to see this play out somewhere

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