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I have came to an understand that i've hurt some people during my "Cancer stages" And i am here to appoligize. I am here to say I'm sorry for everything I've done in the past 6 months I've been here. Yes I understand im "Cancer" I understand Im "Shit tier" I understand that i hurt some MC members such as KONKZ, Gummy, Another One, Clemenza, Ham and everyone in MC that I hurt. Tree I hurt Alot of you too many to say, Night, I am so sorry for making fun of you for "Riding Jaegers dick." Rogue I dont know what I did to you exept flaming @Poseidon's thead but I'm sorry. Arx Im sorry for talking about your small eyes. Ahmed I didnt do anything to you but im sorry. Jaeger Im sorry for being me. Orgondo Im sorry for talking shit to everyone in tree TS. Im sorry for MC Wins Again. Im sorry for telling gidgit to go fuck him self. Im sorry Clemenza for telling you to go fuck your self and to do your job right. I was in the moment and I get very tempered at times. I get tempered when I die and I talk alot of shit. It releaves the stress that I get from this game. Moob if I have said anything to you Im sorry. Everything that I say In side chat or that I say in Ts or even on the forums, I tend to try to be funny but it ends up getting flamed. I sorry GummyCow for calling you an autistic pig. I do these things either out of rage or even for attention. Just know all in all if i piss you off you probably killed me or talked shit in side chat and I get very angry when my name comes up.... The main reason I trash talked you MC bois is because you guys can take the heat you guys are exposed to trash talk every 5 minutes. You guys know how to handle your self when that one retart starts dragging on your chain. Everyone in general that I have hurt, once again I am sorry. I am going to change and stop trying to piss everyone off. 

All in all I hope everyone can get over this because I am. Im going to stop being CANCER and be a normal human being. Please try not to flame this before @Bubbaloo Burrito locks it. I hope everyone has a great day.

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