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Locked RDM ban

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whoever I rdm'd I am making my apology public . I WAS going to just sit at home and play arma now I'm probably gunna shove needles in my arm and be a drug addict. idek wat happened but look what you've done. you two day banned me and made me turn to drugs for entertainment. r u satisfied???


god(and os) have mercy on me

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If you feel you were banned unfairly, please submit a ban appeal under the ban appeal selection with your evidence at http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/

don't do drugs, drugs are bad and you'll set a bad example for the children.....but I'm not your mom, do as you will.

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make a ban appeal requesting the video and you should get in momentarily but most of the time the staff look into situations before banning and you may have to just wait out the two day. Or take enough xanax to be a vegetable and join the vege tales on their adventures on your couch!

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