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So theres good players on olympus im not gonna name any names in this entire post as to not start any beef that dosent need to be started (i also dont wanna be shit on by huge ass gangs) but i was talking with some people and we as a small party came to the conclusion said "Being a good player dosent make you a good person" But is this true? Like honestly ok in this area im going to use 3rip as ive never talked to him hes shit on me twice as a cop though. So lets say HYPOTHETICALLY 3rip was a asshole but he was a good player and he owned a gang called ISK (I shit on kids) would people join ISK cause they like 3rip as a person or would they join cause they dont want 3rip or anyone in his gang whos decent+ to shit on them?

This probably made no sense but ive been wondering about this for a while and wanted to see what everyone thought about it.

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Just now, BlackJack said:

3 rip is very good man 

HYPOTHETICALLY ive never spoken to him so i cant say whether or not im just using him as a example

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You're asking the wrong questions.


Competitive players will join competitive gangs. A leader only needs to keep a decent environment in the Comms and ya know, lead his subordinates adequately. 


Most competitive players couldn't care less if their leader was an asshole. I used to be part of an Outfit on Planetside2 before I got ArmA called The Enclave. You can google them if you want.


They were very dominant in PS2, and were very organized. Their leader was a huge asshole, and most of the folks respected him for it and it made them follow orders in fear of being publicly humiliated by the leader. He was pretty much hated throughout the community by anyone who wasn't in The Enclave. But he drew the competitive players towards him because he knew what he was doing. Nobody really stopped to think about whether or not it was worth being there because he was an asshole. We were winning, that was the last thing on our minds.

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even if your a good player or not its hard to start up a good gang like tree they are a very powerful clan but most of the members aren't very good shots (no offense) it is just how they advertise their gang they are so well know by capping cartels doing fed robberies and breaking multiple people out of jail at once it gets the word around that tree broke 20 people out of jail and you become interested, but obviously lets say you started up a new gang call ISK and you could 1v5 tree members and you get some newbies and you build your rep overtime then it is very possible that being a good player has its advantages when starting a gang i have never seen the tree leader but i have heard he was a dickhead from some of his members so he may have been just a good player or, he had multiple friends to start off with and they starter by holding up a small city like athira with 6 fully geared rebs and it is very intimidating to the people they hold up 

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