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  1. Does anyone else notice this?


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    2. Joel
    3. Fedot


      52 minutes ago, Fat Clemenza said:


      So? Me too. At the discretion of the incumbent Chief.

      I don't think you know what "incumbent" means.

      Here is the defintion:


      I think you mean't "cucumber", which is this:


    4. G.O.A.T.



      can you read or no

  2. Ham Best Lethaler - 2k17
  3. But you don't fight Cartels?
  4. I don't know if you noticed this @TheRandomOne but I had never cringed harder.
  5. It's called applying? Hello?
  6. Lol if you haven't already known that your fucking leader in 187 Crew, Whiskey was the leader you fucking dumb ass. Alright first off your signature of you killing Scats is the biggest fucking cringe I ever seen in my gaming history, I have never seen you kill anyone else but in Kavala for example a Cartel maybe? Oh wait... ||BW|| and [KS] don't fight Cartels. Second off, learn to fucking spell.
  7. Ok ||BW|| Berg
  8. Lol okay there Mr. How do I change my name.
  9. Berg
  10. How about instead of Blindfolds for cops, make it or implement the use of the GPS and Map where you always spawn with them (You already do with the Map) and if you are under police custody they take them away which does not display your Dot on the map nor your Hex for Gang, Group. Reminder: Also, I know that taking "Comms" and GPS (and potentially the map away) does not make you whole screen turn black like a blindfold does, but I'm still thinking of a alternate solution.
  11. Sounds cool.
  12. I fucking love it when you fight at OG Arms and a hacker Kill Switches the server
  13. Unmoderated Thanks @Talindor for the forum break :D





    I fucking hate you.

    Edited by Nikoteen
    1. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      Talindor i would like to let you know that in team speak he called you Brainlessdor 

  14. Congrats @Dezree on Admin. Well deserved! 

  15. Congratulations on Corporal @TheCmdrRex