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  1. Do not by any means, make a Cartel on the Salt flats please
  2. @Strafe
  3. @Merpfer 200K?
  4. L M A O
  5. Good Luck on Mod @Strikke!

    1. Strikke


      Whell thanks hahah xD

  6. I think having Sergeants or higher with Digital Ghillie Suits would be pretty cool, what are your thoughts? (We robbed a Sergeant and he got glitched putting his CSAT Ghillie back on)
  7. It's really not funny tho.
  8. Can I ask why you like anime?
  9. Ok earlier I was playing on the server and wanted to gamma goggle cause I didn't have NVGs so I went into my display settings, forgetting that it will set your FOV to default (70) by just going in it, so I logged and went to fix it but it was the same thing in my notepad: As you can see that's what my FOV is at (90) before and did not change so I decided to change it to 100, did nothing. If anyone has any idea please tell me.
  10. 2 Days for Suicide Kamikaze VDMers and Dynamic Cartels Boys :D

    Edited by Nikoteen
  11. I have a DP3 House, 4 Crater with like 200 of each ingredient with a garage but it's not 1km but worth it. Make me a offer.