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  1. That feeling when you spend 300k on gear only to get the texture bug where you go from 60fps to 3 and die.....
  2. Ironic, first shroom run in my box truck vx were the ones who robbed my full load xD, regardless. moved on to a more safe option, Iron. Was doing iron for like 4 hours straight last night. Racked up like 2.5 mil
  3. Well to be blunt. How and where do I get a shrooming license, and once I acquire one... Where do I get them? Can't find a field or farm anywhere...
  4. Hey guys, MrRonSwanson here. Most if not all of you dont know me. Main reason, I logged on for the first time only a few hours ago. To start this off, let me just say Hi. I logged in and... I wasn't shot on site... Which was odd. Most Altis Life servers I join is just full of rdm, so right off the bat I was impressed. Considering this is an introduction, let me tell you some things about myself. My name is Conor, Currently I own my own web design business, I love it; definitely my passion. Went to college for it, in this economy it is very rare you see someone get into a career doing what they did in school. I will stop there though, dont want to get in to my full life story. Feel free to add me on steam: TheBiggestSausage Or Skype: conor.peters3 In closing, I look forward to getting to know the rest of the community and invest most of my free time to the server (#1 BTW) PS. Your bacon is now mine, all of it.