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  1. Title says it all. PM me with offers.
  2. I will pay 75k per.
  3. 5 ghillies for 1 uniform, 1 vest and 1 gun (not the full ghillies. Just the ones that cover your top half)
  4. NOTE, I will also trade CSAT ghillies for the stuff
  5. 450 for a full set?
  6. 2 of each listed in the title. Only have 3 mags unfortunately....
  7. Just the regular ghillies. How much for 5?
  8. how much you sell ghillie suits for. Just the regular, not full csat
  9. Not for long if I have a say in it.
  10. Idfk, first time selling stolen cop shit. Instead of being a c*nt, maybe offer some help?
  11. Oh, Patrol officer rank
  12. I have 2 MX's with 1 clip each, 2 police vests and 2 Police Uniforms. Post here with offers.