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  1. how are you now?


    Good n' you?


    Not so bad.

  2. how did you even get infinite ghost hawks anyways
  3. What is it when a cauliflower and a red hot chili pepper have sex...



  4. If any users are part of forums powered by vbulletin, change your passwords. There was 942 thousand accounts hacked. Mine was one
  5. Its not allowed at all. It is against bohemias TOS. Admins can't do anything about it because no one tells them they are selling/buying.
  6. Yes, I understand what you are saying; but perhaps if you showed a bit more decorum in your words, the person would not feel so obligated to flame in return.
  7. 12/10 SALT. But seriously, you can have your opinions. but 'Autistic Fuck' and 'Lame Cunt' really don't show maturity well.
  8. didn't exploit, but I traded some csgo skins to abbot for 5 mil. is my account now -5 million @Jesse
  9. the best support is moral support.
  10. Congrats Olympus staff to the great work! cracking down on people who can't play the game the way it should be played. @Peter Long @McDili @Jesse @Serpico @Grandma Gary @Ignis @Mercury
  11. So I just found out that Poseidon's page plays ocean man when viewed... This is both pleasing and slightly annoying

  12. its good if a leader wants a gang of people who won't constantly skirt the rules to get out of trouble. Feel more gangs should be like this; if you break rules out of your own negligence and get banned... SEYA
  13. Cops can break NLR because it demonstrates the power a real police force should have. If you have 2 cops roll up and they die... thats not it; The police force would continue sending backup until the threat is handled. Come on, is it realistic to have the cops give up after someone murders 2 fellow officers?
  14. @Pledge

    O boi, new sergeant in town.... one more person to give me the go ahead to pull SDAR's during BW's

    1. Pledge


      Thanks man! :)

  15. You're*