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  1. 1 mill?
  2. Congrats on Admin @Mercury 

  3. Lmao @Peter Long
  4. When you record your 2 friends fight in the washroom in school with about like 20-30 more people in as well, and you post it on Snapchat and someone snitches and now you have to sit in the office, and do close to bum fuck nothing.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Nikoteen


      I'll upload and link the video later @bigSMOKE

    3. buckie


      get meme'd

    4. OlympusAccount


      Video or it didn't happen




  5. Do not by any means, make a Cartel on the Salt flats please
  6. @Strafe
  7. @Merpfer 200K?
  8. L M A O
  9. Good Luck on Mod @Strikke!

    1. Strikke


      Whell thanks hahah xD

  10. I think having Sergeants or higher with Digital Ghillie Suits would be pretty cool, what are your thoughts? (We robbed a Sergeant and he got glitched putting his CSAT Ghillie back on)
  11. It's really not funny tho.
  12. Can I ask why you like anime?