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  1. I'll buy it for 1 mil
  2. all their members voted no lmao
  3. stay away from arma. it'll ruin you.
  4. bump
  5. Everyone has had to go through this at one point so just try and make the best of it and make friends along the way.
  6. title
  7. 1 mil
  8. step one: don’t
  9. Stay in Kavala with a rook for a few hours and they’ll come.
  10. how much are you looking for the mar-10
  11. feels bad man. rip you
  12. Hello, I'm looking to buy an Abdera garage on server 2. If anyone has or knows anyone with a garage who is looking to sell please comment your pricing or PM me. Thank you.
  13. Needs more RAM
  14. 5 mil for dp22? Hell no lol. If it were dp25 then it would be reasonable. Not to mention it’s only a 4 crater.

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