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  1. Trump24

    offer for mar10 lethal
  2. Trump24


    idk if u gonna scam
  3. Trump24


    wheres proof and how do i know you wont scam me
  4. Trump24

    add me on steam trump24 we will talk
  5. Trump24

    sure thing also i got a lvl 5 vest
  6. Trump24

    i think not sure tho
  7. Trump24

    Ill buy it for 5mill
  8. Trump24

    Post a pic of the map where it shows if u own it or not
  9. Trump24

    il give u the sucky sucky for it
  10. Trump24

    no that was millenium 2nd i said u stole from us u saw all 3 of us had tasers plus we were epiing him
  11. Trump24

    U stole that suppressor from us
  12. Trump24

    These are tasers MK1, mx3gl,mar10, got a mar10 lethal got 6.5 suppressor selling 60 mags for 6.5 and selling a lvl 5 vest and 2 grenades for the mx3gl only sold with the gun pm me if interested
  13. Mar10 taser mx3gl 6.5 suppresor i got mk1 i think taser
  14. Trump24

    Rep don't mean nothing I get down votes just for down votes because people don't like me u can ask people that bought from me I can even show u my guns and screen shots

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