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  1. Trump24

  2. Trump24

    lel they go for 150k to 200k il take 15
  3. Trump24

    @kev got one I believe
  4. got mk1,mx3gl,mar10,spar16s, those tasers. also got mar10 lethal dms and got 50 warpoints or more if u want anything
  5. Trump24

    pls tell me who sells an mx for 90k il buy that rn all they got
  6. Trump24

    lel they dont go for 70 - 85k
  7. Trump24

    let me get
  8. Trump24

    He said offers
  9. Trump24

    maybe he lied to nerd
  10. Trump24

    and why u say he 15
  11. Trump24

    @TheoryB shut your fucking mouth kid your 18 but u sound like your 11 i bet when you took your apd test they asked for sum id
  12. Trump24

  13. Trump24

    wow thats cheap
  14. Trump24

    i got an offer from gang member but he offline so its 200k or no deal sir
  15. Trump24


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