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  1. Holy shit you using stuff I'm open to, do you want a round of applause? career cop? check the response on the other post dipshit and teeth? my teeth are mostly fine you little baby.
  2. Career cop? I've barely been on cop, what do you mean??? You braindead monkey https://imgur.com/a/tcfjlF8
  3. Crying again i see like every post you make zzzzzz boring
  4. Imagine all you do is cry, whine and have a tantrum everytime i see you post on the forums or just generally talking in teamspeak
  5. When was this lmfao but no I did not
  6. What don't you like the pegging?
  7. Good thing I aint a British then lmfao
  8. Suh people, I've been playing since 2017 on and off, I haven't really used the forums that much but wanted to start using it because you know fuck it. I'm from England, 23 nearly 24 sadly.. You know whats fucked? I'm not even old and I'm starting to get grey fucking hairs m8 like shitttttt son. Anyway I'm becoming more involved in the community since I got support team and realised yall still toxic mtfkers (joking or am i? ) . I am mainly playing arma 3 at the moment but I dabble in other games such as league, overwatch, warzone (catch these hands ill fucking pop your face off, joking i suck dick when it comes to shooting) , apex legends, rome total war 2 and some other games I can't recall at the moment. I'm shit at introductions so yea.
  9. Awwwwh such a sweet guy but he's the devil in disguise
  10. If you remove NLR it would fuck it all because any federal events that happen it will just make corps + like deputies and and PO's cuz they can just come back straight away. When a PO - taze them they have to restrain them and try to get them out if they can, but if they die they can get unrestrained so it's kinda like that for corps+ if you remove NLR. Also if someone is doing a run and gets killed by someone they can just come back so I feel like it will be broken as fuck and will be unfair on people who is trying to rob people. Yea people break NLR all the time, but people do still get reported for it still and removing it will just be bad.
  11. Just want to say to @Mike Litthank you for changing my forum name you fucker. Are you getting rude to man?! - YouTube

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