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  1. Madgod

    I love poker. Sounds awesome
  2. Back when I couldn't afford an Orca yet bought one anyway, I seen a guy stranded on the road and stupidly landed to see if he needed help. As soon as I hopped out and before I had a chance to hit U, he hopped into the Pilot seat. I hopped into the back before he could take off, and tried to convince him to land (which he didn't want to do, since I was armed, and he was not). So we ended up running out fuel somewhere over the Pyrgos Gulf
  3. Madgod

    Welcome! Peaches and Windows Key
  4. Madgod

    640 Edit - Didn't realize it was over. Congrats, guy
  5. Madgod

    I'd have to say Silicon Valley since it doesn't look like it's been mentioned yet. All my other favorites have already been mentioned. Breaking Bad, Narcos, The Sopranos, The Office, Game of Thrones. The First Season of Mr. Robot..
  6. Madgod

    My actual new years resolutions: Gain Weight - I weigh 120lbs and am 5'10. I do eat, I just have a high metabolism. So I need to get more active in order to work up an appetite. Get a Job - I've already been working on this Get a car - Just something crappy to get me where I need to go Join R&R - (Approved for Interview) Become proficient in C/C++ Get over my hatred for the tediousness of front-end development Learn how to model objects with Maya - Already am fairly familiar with Blender so the transition should hopefully be smooth I'm hoping this will be a good year for me.
  7. Sheogorath, at your service. Cheese Lover, Eye Ball Plucker, Intestine Jump Rope Skipper, and overall, quite literally, a madgod. What is currently the go-to wiki for this iteration of altis life? Or is there one? If there isn't can someone who considers themselves experienced with all aspects of it contact me so I can see about putting one up on GitHub or something. Cheers!

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