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  1. Mcdili please fist me
  2. Happy birthday! Didn't know we were born the same date and year

  3. Happy Birthday, hope its fun dude.

  4. Kids like you that cry about "toxicity" are exactly what's wrong with our world today. You are a sheltered child who will not succeed in the world until you grow a set and stop crying about shit on the internet
  5. lol ive never seen anyone so hype for winning 1 round and still losing. do you have a picture of your 2-1 score vs us framed on your fridge or something? no one in envy had played for 4-5 months before that and i know for a fact u lifers were on every single day beforehand. Take ur L and move on The asylum players I "hold to such a high regard" have time and time again proven to be better players when it matters. You guys can win all the DP12 fights u want. Come back in 3-4 months when you all have 10k+ hrs and you might be able to play at their level
  6. who is insulting who? look at what i replied to in that post and tell me im the one trying to insult anyone u fucking herb
  7. i cannot stress this enough sir https://gyazo.com/f8072b973fca2d8e62a6b5b8510eb1fb
  8. Yeah I saw that guy in the kill feed he was going nuts must be a good player
  9. Peter long please rim me

    1. Jmb


      Tom will complete the job

    2. Joel


      1 hour ago, Jmb said:

      Tom will complete the job


  10. I remember you called that dork Paratus out on the asylum forums. I like you
  11. [df] Adam sandler plz make me a cop

    1. G.O.A.T.