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  1. Good luck getting a reply from the chief he won't even play aram with me anymore useless dickhead
  2. 3 rip fought so many cartels he gave himself carpal tunnel that is the type of dedication olympus needs to revive gang life

  3. Everyone should get homeschooled like gummycow then we can fight cartels all day also gold 2 r6s player LFT
  4. can someone unban cake? Goodman banned him by accident and then stepped down it was a prank

    1. Fedot


      Goodman also Teleported Dinglke as a prank

    2. Mustache_Schultz


      Can I use this one to get unbanned?


    3. Panera


      Not if you exploit with a Hunter :Kappa:

  5. Fuck u buddy I'll knock your ass back to boarding school
  6. wow our chief is so active the apd is the best it has ever been thank you
  7. Are you gonna lagswitch the PayPal purchase and steal my money
  8. what are olympus speed limits asking for a friend

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Sociopathic


      @QKSILVR73 You haven't been pulled over cause I haven't seen you.

      You are always wanted for something in my mind ;)

    3. Fedot


      there are speed limits?>

    4. QKSILVR73


      @Sociopathicit's cause I can only play one week out every three. And it's usually from 12a CST to 6am cst on S1


  9. unlucky "ti cake" unbanned for 9 days back to permed gl at mcdonalds

  10. Mcdili please fist me
  11. Happy birthday! Didn't know we were born the same date and year


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