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  1. Another rant from me, I'm tired of these egirls thinking they're so cool for reporting for harassment. They cant take a damn joke and I bet back in school the were the ones starting fights and losing them like a little bitch. She cant take a joke because I said 

    "Shut up bitch ass whore" 

    "Dr. Pepper how much dick did you suck for Supervisor?" Second one just a genuinely NON random question yea?   


    1. Show previous comments  76 more
    2. buckie


      These white neighborhood niggas are a different breed @Crenshaw

    3. Monks


      I actually happen to be a white boi in a blacc neighborhood 

      Like deadass I don't know a single person near my house who speaks english

    4. i chop hatchbacks

      i chop hatchbacks

      popeyes is better 

  2. lets get on and lemme me play some games with you first every game of Monopoly I'll put you in the dirt
  3. o7 hopefully "HarmlessWaffle" can carry on the legacy like I always say in goodbyes is your bank would look very nice in my pockets lemme fix something o7
  4. o7 decla been a while but I remember some fucked talks in db ts but anyway that 81m look fine in your bank just give me a time and date for it eh?
  5. Ah I see you are a fan!
  6. Just leave the damn server you want attention
  7. ILL Take both for 2 zubrs and maybe spike strip
  8. the one time you try to jump on the H barrier and cant make it, but when you're fucking around in hq you can easily jump on them lmao
  9. WOW! insane player wish i can get that amount of warpoints can you teach me!
  10. Eta on my damn warpoints?

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