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  1. Optical-Vision

    Name the price. +1.5m mill for the inventory pm if you want to see what's in the physical inventory.
  2. Optical-Vision

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1663974261 Its extremely close to plat processing. No offers less than 3 mill.
  3. they don't want us to showcase our couples photo shoot :'(

  4. I have 3 mx's, 1 mxm and 1 mk1 taser, offer.
  5. @ZeuseWell deserved, congratulations!

    1. Zeuse


      Thank you very much Mister Optical.  :D

  6.  Congratulations big time to @Sho on LT, @Hylos @Hoonter and @Luke Duke, on SGT, Aswell as Mr. @communistjosh and @Tb:) on Corp. Well deserved, boys.

    Edited by Optical-Vision
  7. Optical-Vision

    SERVER 1
  8. Optical-Vision

    Dp 23 garage for sale hmu with offers
  9. Optical-Vision

    My b. fixed
  10. Optical-Vision

    0 Crater. 335 meters away from pro. Can go right outside and look at whos doing a run. HMU with offers. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1525387966 It is the one im in
  11. Optical-Vision

    Would like to see who has the kaval rebel house inside of the red zone on s1. I give me an offer I’ll see what I can do. Thanks.
  12. Optical-Vision

    Lemme know if anyone has some ill se what I can do

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