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  1. Thanks for your generous donation. Her name is double trouble
  2. this guy thought he posted the video of the ages im geeked
  3. ::::)))) aiint gonna be that mf but this guy shooting boxes^^^
  4. yea get robbed of what niggas who hear all this be thinkin you some goat or something #stopthecaplilnigga
  5. and you gotta quit dying. you cant even get a kill for some warpoints how you talking?
  6. your gang members be getting dropped like flies and rage quitting like bitches. yall settle for one cant be both.
  7. or you get good at the game kill some enemy gang memebrs and buy em. but unfortunately you suck dookie butt. so when you wanna buy the stuff?
  8. 1 mil a launcher and 140k a rocket
  9. ive got 30 rockets and 5 launchers how many you need
  10. hahhahaha came across this shit again. them some bangin ass hoodies niggas be haters and they be hatin yo. fr some fresh shit no lie
  11. ohh i think you got me confused with the guy that is deepthroating your mom bitch probably getting piped by some nigga named dequill as we speak
  12. shiiiiiit tell me about it man and who was talking to this lil nigga? idk im actually becomming dumber by just lookin at these niggas messages
  13. Dont ever talk again when you look like this and are intrested to see what hangs between mens thighs.
  14. best offer need money for casino

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