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pls add back cqc

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1 hour ago, Tedro said:

not sure if troll or.... level 30 is lynx. im pretty sure mk 18 is level 9 and mk-1 is level 12

Your first 7.62 is 14 and that's AKM. MK18 is like 20ish and MK-1 is 35. Ranking up is a pain in the ass considering half the time you spawn, you spawn right in front of a guy and he kills you within seconds of spawning

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3 minutes ago, Matt The Savage said:

The Tanoa server has a average of 10 people on it... If olympus wanted to raise money for a CQC server they could just make a donation goal prize a cqc server and the funds will be raised in less than 5 days.

Ok but he didn't say oh remove Tanoa and add CQC if u didn't know right now The servers are 1200

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