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Mk18 vs MK1

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I have been making these vs forums posts im just curious. sorry :P anyway, what is your opinion? MK18 or Mk1? I think the MK1 is good and powerful but Alot of recoil and very loud. When things are loud i tend to have shit aim so the Mk18 I like but Im stuck in between the two. What do you guys think and don't say AK12 lol

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Ehhh. I use both depending on what I'm doing. They're both great for long range and short range, but they both have their disadvantages. The MK-1 has a slow fire rate, but very controllable recoil compared to the MK-18. The MK-18 is the opposite. The 18 has an extremely high fire rate, but a very high recoil. If you're good at controlling recoil, the 18 is the way to go. Both great weapons.

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