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Fill me in with the details!

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hey there guys, my name is SPBojo and im one of the "old boys" on olympus. ive been here since the server first started :) i remember all the bs we did on the server the first days, when PenguinMarine (Zeus) and MoistCheeto (poseidon) were the 2 bosses! ive even been banned on olympus (beacuse poseidon loves me) and ive allways stayed on olympus. beacuse Olympus is simply the best server.and ive been playing alot on the server as you probably understand :P. and some of you probably remember me, but some of you might even not know me at all :) but with that said, im currently not a "gamer" anymore. so i have NO idea whats been going on with olympus, and reading the rules/watching vids people upload isnt enough for me! :) so if ANY of you boys could fill me in with some of the new shit, like the newest thing that came last time i played was the oil trucks!



The picture is just a picture from the good old days on olympus! :)




Highly appriciated! ;)

yours truly SPBojo

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Lmao true. The rp is annoying as hell honestly it's a nice touch to the game to make it more indepth but its bothersome to remember all that tedious crap in a game when you have to remember things in real life that are more important, and then you get in trouble in game or banned for the slightest mistake... pretty rediculous.

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well most of the time people go crying over everything, thats the annoying part, like i dont bother getting banned over doing something bad, but i bother about the fact that it took alot of people nearly crying to the admins to get me banned... but it was only a 3 day ban! ;) but now i just gave up on gaming, to much pressure :P

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Things are changing daily Bojo! The newest update is going to be great. We are getting some economy stabilization implementations, buffs to fishing and Tuna is being added to the virtual economy! The server is getting so flippin big. We are hands down the second biggest American based server in Altis Life. The servers are staying pretty populated all hours of the night lately. Most of the older players are fading away into other servers or out of Arma it seems. Just like any game though things change you cant expect everyone to stay around forever. The devs and admins are hard at work keeping things fresh and interesting as always. Come back sometime and hang. You'll enjoy the changes.. when RL permits of course.. we all need a break sometimes. I've been playing "the Hunter" awesome solo game! Peace Bud!

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appriciate it fin, thanks for the information! ;) yeah, il most likely come back one day, but for now, work/GF is way to time consuming haha, so yeah Take care bud! 

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Yes many of the old timers fro the start on here have either faded away from just moving on or getting banned alot/ perm'd. Zeus isn't really around much anymore, hades got head admin, everything's goin great except the fact that everybody feels like playing when I want to so all 3 servers are almost always full. They are expecting to roll out some new updates soon but I'm not sure on the time frame. Still have people who RP at all times and at all costs, and still have people with quads racking up 30 vehicular manslaughter charges. 

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