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APD Handbook update 10/5/2016


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Basically all I did was update it to include Blackwater for engagement and ghosthawk protocols. Just treat it the same as Feds/Jails for now.


Just wanted to make a post for documentation purposes. Post any questions below.


Regarding the new charges there will be a post in the PD section to serve as an instruction until the ticket guide is update. Be on the lookout for any additional changes to the handbook in the coming week in case any changes happen regarding Blackwater.

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Just now, DANGUSDEAN said:

I don't know if this has been asked or said, but where about swill it be located, or what he are we gonna spawn for it?

It's at the old jail location near Sophia. If you weren't around for that, it'll be about 2km southwest from HW Patrol HQ.


Or if you watched the last Gang Wars, it was the place that TFO and Complexity fought at for the final round.

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