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Is there a way we can bring back news team with the entirety of news cars and a section on the forums to post news stories. Think about you and your buddy heading down to get a story, you head on in to the square and interview a guy and ask him about things like the current economy on Altis or how the police state is or isnt't working, talk about just anything. Suddenly you take fire from people across the streets and head into cover showing the true horror and possibilities of what could happen day to day, then head back to the news station turn in your pictures of Spider-Man and get yelled at by your boss because theyre not good enough and get a mediocre RP initiating paycheck that was actually kind of fun to go and get.

Also >news helicopters filming police chases >watching the fed/jail/blackwater and doing a report on it >commercials for citizens who want to act as lawyers or stock brokers


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Its a great idea that has been ignored for some time. @Daskopflos and Myself have made a proposal for the team. Wasn't really taken anywhere though...


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Sigh.  For the last time,  the inherent issue with the News Team is the ability to whitelist people for the role.  It's not as easy as whitelisting a cop or an R and R member,  it has to be hard coded into the server,  then we have to push an update for you to be whitelisted.  It's not that we ignore you,  or that I don't care,  but until we have a better system for whitelisting,  we cannot proceed with the news team.  I want there to be one,  and it is getting worked on.  I ask that you be patient.  

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