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The GA Question


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I know this has been brought up before but after talking to numerous players from this server and other servers I have decided it might be time to bring it up again.

The GA question. 

Does this community really want the GA?

I remember when only donors had the GA you would only find a couple people to have it and people typically didn't tank because only a few had it.

I've talked to people on this server and other servers and most have said they would enjoy the server to a higher degree if the GA was removed.

Allot of people from the most popular altis life server have said they would like this server better then there current server if people didn't tank so much.

So maybe if we could fix or somehow reduce the GA problem this server's competitive fighting scene would flourish again?

Just my thoughts




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53 minutes ago, Dejay said:

Sad thing is, it was a donation goal. People forked over cash for the ability to purchase those vests, now you want to scrap that and give them carrier lites. I know a few donors that wouldn't like that at all.


38 minutes ago, Augustus said:

It was a donation goal, as Dejay said. If it wasn't for that, I would 100% support removing them. Maybe just jack the price up?

I understand.

But I think the whole point of donation goals and donations are to better the server giving poseidon money to keep them running and adding a little treat for the community.

The GA is not a treat.

A donation should be to help the server not to hurt it.

I think that the donors should just come to understand that the gas are hurting the server more than there helping it and driving people off of the server who would love to main it.

back in the day only big dollar donators got the GAs so we didn't notice it as much but now that everybody does... the tanking is a little ridiculous.

My problem with raising the price is that people are still going to buy them regardless because of the competitive edge they give all its going to do is drain people bank accounts more, Especially people like me who already spend 1.5-2 mil daily on fighting. I'm not going to stop buy a GA just because they cost more.

So that being said the big dollar donators who donated pre-bohemia wouldn't really be losing anything at this point because they don't have anything over any other player as everybody has them. the whole purpose of donating for them (legacy) was to get an advantage over everybody. the whole point of donating to the month goal was to level the playing field. If nobody had GAs when that stretch goal came up I genuinely think it wouldn't be fulfilled. 

At this point for the legacy donators its kind-of like they didn't really get anything at all, because even if they hadn't donated they still would have had the GAs today.

So I ask all of the legacy and month goal donators to look at the server as a whole and decide what really helps it, and what really harms it.

and again I think that the BW option is a great alternative because then there not so common (personally not my preference but still a better alternative imo)

thanks for your input though guys and I hope you guys can think about this.

Personally I just want what's best for the competitive community because I've watched so many people leave the server solely because of tanking. and recently are cartel fighting experiences have been lacking to say the least

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