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Botnet... Really kid?

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teckub was right 2 wrongs don't make a right. I'm tried of people using (D)DoS against others. I may have insight on how to counter these, and want payback, but shouldn't brag about being able to gain access to someones PC



I'll leave it at this admins. I have made a list of players I know who have (D)DoS me, and others in Olympus, and have probably attacked the servers as well. Which Admin should I contact with this information?

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If you want to help protect yourself from these things keep your information private online. Make it hard to dox yourself, don't use the same account name in multiple places, and always use strong passwords. If you have an old skype username, get a new one and enable the feature "Only allow contacts to see my IP" or whatever it is. Without that feature enabled anyone with your skype name can obtain your IP address. Fortunately Microsoft added a feature that increases the difficulty of obtaining IP address from skype.


For added security you can also get a VPN. Although we do block certain VPN's that i've found ban evaders/hackers to use. VPN's encrypt all data being sent by your computer and most provide you with a different IP address each time you connect to their service.


If your ISP allows a non-static IP option you should look into getting it. As long as you're not hosting websites or servers from your PC you would probably benefit from a constantly changing IP address.


In this day and age it's very easy to find information of people online with simple google searches. You search for one thing, get more information, search for things that match that new information, and then find even more information. But if you take steps to protect yourself online you can make it slightly more difficult for others to find useful information. If you do it right you can just lead to a bunch of dead ends that provide no additional information.


Using common names also helps, for example Poseidon. If you search for "Poseidon" online you won't find the information regarding that username, you'll get information on gods and what not. But if you have a unique username like "xXBallReckerXx1991xX", when someone searches it they'll find everywhere you've ever used that username, every post that username has ever made, etc. Since it's a relatively unique name whoevers searching for information would be safe to assume it's the same person in each result.



If you have proof like a screenshot of a text log or recording of a conversation of someone threatening to (D)DoS you or the servers you can always submit that evidence as a player report and we'll look into it.



Here's some information regarding the legality of (D)DoS attacks:


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