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Texture Buged - Try this

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I've tested this on 2 servers and it works for me.
This is not a scam or some alt + f4 b.s.
I like arma and i like Olympus so im sharing information that is beneficial to all.


Simple:  3 buttons

ctrl *  -   all at the same time.  * and - on the number pad
i use left ctrl, idk if that matters * (multipy)   - (minus)
then double tap alt to reset view.

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Good Luck and let me know how it goes.
P.S. the texturebug message did not help but thanks for trying guys.

Mr. Theak over and out

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  • 2 weeks later...

So, im sure it was in the works before but, i kinda feel like when i posted this, it got taken away imidiatly.

It was the only for sure fix i knew and now nothing but reseting the hole game fixes the texture bugs that it seems only olympous has.
Now i can't feel like i can get into playing olympous because more than not, when something happens and i get textue buged im completly helpless.  lets say the cops get involded and im flying and get texture buged and land, the cops or anyone have a 100% advantage. instaide of using 3 keys to easly fix the problem and continue on role playing i have to just give up and hope the game doesnt lock up and i have to defent a combat log..... nope thats not the olympous i know. 
The olympous i know now is full of little gangs that dont know the rules whom upon many accounts of failed rp, nlr, etc... they are still running around.
How is this fun? No wonder you only see people robbing, its not worth the work to process and then get bugged.
Olympous what happened. It seems like every since the fancy hospitals got put into play everything is going down hill.
Servers fill up and thats great, cant run a 3rd server without more support but how can i support a broken server?

I understand there are hackers and some one somewhere im sure figured out a way to cheat the system using this easy 3 sec fix.
And thats fine to fix that, perma ban, but to then say we have a textubug autolog that helps.... no , no it doesnt.
I really like this server but is has become completely unenjoyable.  why start a run if you know your gonna get bugged.  Why do a fed or bw if you know your getting bugged..
Idk what happen olympous, i know theres a lot of hard work that goes into this server and i have no quorral donating to a server that works. its arma so ya theres wiggle room for messups here and there but every time i get on it messes up, i can't enable a broken server.
I wish one day to return to r&r and maybe be a cop, but i cant commit to anything with a busted server.

I appreciate all the hard work but make sure the work your doing is something beneficial to the server not just one aspect.
Thank you Olympus staff and players, i will still be playing but idk if it will be as much.
I am thinking about do more videos to show each step Olympus has to offer but the only thing people will see is texture bugged events or mass edits of unusable footage.

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I will gladly say that over the last couple of days i have seen the f6 texture bug work a few times, for a temporary fix, till you can restart your game.
For the times it worked it did buy me about 30 mins at a time.  Work in Progress, ill take it.

I am curious why the 3 button method got taken out. it was a sure fix 100% of the time for me.

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18 hours ago, Amos Machera said:

So wait there is texture bug purely on olympus that hasn't been fixed since February.......

o no its been longer than that.
its part dev, part game design.
Add stuff that doesn't fully function, and you get broken areas else where.
I know the hospitals are something they are clinging to like the new uniforms but they are the main issue.
Sure lets look cool but can we play the game?

I say take out the new stuff that has been verified by every other player as broken until a solution is resolved.
Yes Olympus is mainly the server having issues. Do other servers have issues yes, but they don't keep broken mechanics in the game.

Yes other servers have added hospitals and cool textures with no/to little bugs.
I see Olympus for what is was and what it can be again.
For now its a big orgy of scat players, robbing the life blood out of the server because they got kicked off asylum or somewhere else.

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