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R&R Handbook Update

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Chapter VI - Vehicle Towing

1. Medics of sufficient rank, Paramedic or higher, are authorized to tow abandoned vehicles to the nearest R&R Impound Facility or

    APD HQ if the following criteria is met:

1.1. The vehicle is abandon and a registered owner cannot be located within the immediate area.

1.2. Vehicles legally parked within urban areas cannot be removed without the registered owners consent.

2. Medics of sufficient rank are authorized to relocate or impound vehicles that are blocking any spawn point for an extended period

    of time if the following criteria is met:

2.1.The registered owner cannot be located within the immediate area.

2.2.The registered owner refuses to relocate or store the vehicle after a minimum of three (3) requests.

3. Medics shall not "daisy chain" vehicles that are capable of towing for any reason.

4. Medics shall not tow a vehicle with the intent to unload it off the side of a bridge or cliff, place it into the ocean, or glitch it into or

    onto a building.

5. Medics, of any rank, are authorized to enter and move any ground vehicle a minimum distance to facilitate clearing a roadway,

    preventing a hazard, or restoring the functionality of a vehicle garage.

           5.1. Prior to relocating a vehicle, an effort must be made to contact and allow the registered owner of the vehicle to take

                 action first.  If the registered owner does not take action, or refuses to move the vehicle, a medic may move the vehicle

                 on his or her behalf.  




Chapter V - Vehicle Interaction

1. Medics shall verify vehicle ownership via the Registration function within the Vehicle Interaction Menu (Left Windows Key)

    prior to repairing a vehicle.

2. If the civilian requesting vehicle repairs is not the registered owner the medic shall obtain verbal, or written, permission from

    the vehicle's registered owner prior to rendering repairs.

3. Medics are authorized to bypass the registration verification process if a civilian threatens to use deadly force against a medic

    that advises that they are unable to repair a vehicle because of registration issues.

       3.1. This rule is designed to allow medics to value their lives and continue role playing during unique situations.

       3.2. Medics shall not abuse this rule for the sake of bypassing the registration verification process.

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1.7.  Medics will follow all rules and laws which pertain to the civilian community, including but not limited to:

1.7.1. Speed and traffic laws

1.7.2. Disturbing the peace

1.7.3. Misuse of emergency lights and sirens (Using when not responding to a call).


So what about illegal vehicles? Are we going to consider it not breaking the law when a medic operates an illegal vehicle? (really wouldn't be an issue in my opinion just thinking of technicalities)

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