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4 hours without restarting or feeling any random freezes. Night and day difference in performance and smoothness of gameplay for me. Only problem I have had since the update is not being able to open some doors. Mainly at hospitals.

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9 hours ago, Lucki said:

Was pretty sweet, until I played for half an hour and maxxed out the memory I allocated to Arma way back when with the launch parameters. Hopefully the next time I play it'll be a lot better now that I turned off the command.

3 gigs of RAM should def be enough for a simple game like arma

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1 hour ago, qasimz1 said:

So does Olympus support 64 bit i heard a few people saying that Olympus is going to stick to 32 bit?

Not sure if you saw but jesse mentioned it in another post. Olympus is currently using 32 but but hey are in the process of getting things ready. He also mentioned that they don't want to rush into it. They want to make sure that Bohemia can work out the kinks before implementing.

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