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Alright, 64 bit arma is out. Great. Not for me though.

Whenever I try to launch the game I get this


Followed by this.


I've tried everything I could. I looked up the error and troubleshooted in everyway, after doing all that i completely uninstalled the game and fresh installed it. I am lost for what to do from this point.

The good news is i can still play it in 32 bit.

And yes my computer is a 64 bit OS.

Help me out homies.

Oh and when i try to run the .exe as Admin I get this



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Under your parameters uncheck the memory allocater and 64 bit memory and crank the vram to one under the max. I had this same problem over and over. Fix that and it should work. When I get home I'll post my parameters and with them I get a solid 130-175 at cartel on high with 4K render.

44 minutes ago, Snare said:

^ if that doesn't work rope might be your only way out.

But wait there's more !

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