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  1. 97cf74a3b468229aeae09267f246679e.jpg

    Which ones real tho? :deIlluminati:



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    2. bigSMOKE


      7 hours ago, DANGUSDEAN said:

      Left. Cause AI's never turn their head as far as I know.

      they do, saw 1 yesterday running in the road and was trying to talk to him because he was moving his head around like he was alt looking back at me chasing him when a cat hit him and he died



      Damn, well, I still think the left one. Lol

    4. grizzlybear


      i c thru these memes

  2. Oregon Basketball will be the death of me. Jesus christ that was a stressful game.

    1. Ignis


      Too bad Kansas will knock them out :/

    2. MillerLite


      you're so sporty :wub:

  3. Alright, 64 bit arma is out. Great. Not for me though. Whenever I try to launch the game I get this Followed by this. I've tried everything I could. I looked up the error and troubleshooted in everyway, after doing all that i completely uninstalled the game and fresh installed it. I am lost for what to do from this point. The good news is i can still play it in 32 bit. And yes my computer is a 64 bit OS. Help me out homies. Oh and when i try to run the .exe as Admin I get this
  4. good thing i've never cheated then i guess
  5. grats @Winters @Trimorphious @Pledge xdxdxdxddxddddxdxdxdxdxdDdDDdddDDdDDD

  6. @Airman "fast food restaurants HATE this man, find out how he figured out how to save millions a year on grease" @TheRandomOne if "4 chan user" had a picture definition that'd be it @Jesse you mind lending @Fernando_ some of that neck goddamn boi
  7. I mean cop gear is basically civ gear at this point. Past 2 days I've had a group of 4 people (BW) and a group of 2 people (/\) text dispatch, "hey, officers here waiting to come on duty" and sure enough there they are, Full PO/Corporal gear. And I mean sure, looking past the risks Roleplaying with civs in cop gear sometimes is fun as fuck ( @McDili and I did it with BBC about a week ago ) But it's really not worth the risk, i mean if those civs your rping with decide to RDM the fuck out of someone, that's on you, and the APD looks shitty. I think an issue here (besides making people literally not want to play, which is the biggest issue) is the amount of cop gear these big gangs are getting into there hands. I mean its absolutely ridiculous. Sit in Kavala and fake a hostage call and just have your gang camping the HQ gate with tazers, free cop gear. 30 mins later oooo another set, repeating on and on. If theres no SR Apd on or corporals to lethal, these Po's and Deputies do not stand a chance against these big gangs camping HQ's. And that's my biggest issue.
  8. Correct me if im wrong but i remember you starting out with "Wheres the dislike button" something to that affect. How is that any different then people starting flame wars?
  9. I really fail to see the difference here. Y'all were pretty toxic on montage posts. For literally no reason. Same logic you're using can be used there. Nothing nice to say dont say anything.
  10. Some nice stuff here boys. Was really awkward explaining to someone why all there platinum got seized from there car because they had 10 lockpicks in there! Didnt know the texture bug fixer could be any more effective but if it is, good shit.
  11. that's some illuminati shit i've ever heard it
  12. And some asylum players come over here? Theres no comparison to be made here. Asylum is in an arguably worse state then Olympus. The server lag over there is literally unplayable.
  13. I like to think of that as "Greatest Shitpost of 2017"

    1. Excision


      new montage song boys

    2. Kanger


      Somebody definetly needs to make a montage with this song hahaha