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New update questions

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1.  So my fellow officer and I was on the server this morning and we obtained a large bounty of 750k and we decided to split the difference and once the other officer sent the money i was kicked off the server and a message said im part of a illegal type of transaction and to contact an admin if this was wrong but once back in the server we sent the money through atm and i was able to receive the money.So im asking about the new update and stating that we cant send money from one to another if its alot of money in this case the amount was over 300k.


2.  What is this insurance/car upgrade update and how does one do it and can officers do this to our vehicles as well.If there is a wiki on the update or something and someone can send me the link that would be appreciated ty.


APD question....


3.  Ok on a few occasions i have had someone restrained and there friends or just other civilians have been talking/harassing the situation and ill let it go and try to talk to them as well but after a few minutes ill state that they are interfering with the situation and that if they do not leave they can be obtained and charged and i know the rule states that if they continue to do so for 10 mins we can charge them so i state that to them.Ok so on a few occasions i have had the civilian that was warned keep on trolling the situation so i restrain them which works because once they are mad they seem to not want to continue afterwards but ill let them go because (im a cadet) anyways with a warning stating the same thing over again on how they are interfering with the situation.Is this a bad thing to do or is there a rule stating im not allowed to restrain anyone that is not wanted?

-- Also i have had numerous situations of civilians trolling the officers in HQ so i ask them to leave 2 or 3 times and if they do not i state i will be restraining them and escorting them out of HQ since the area is illegal for civilians.Then when we are at the gate ill state that if they come back in they can be charged with disobeying a officer and regardless of the fact if they come back in or not am i wrong with restraining them and escorting them out with a warning and or charging them if able if they come back into HQ?

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1. We are aware of this. It is due to our anti-cheat system. It should not actually do this but something may have got mixed up in the update. I'll be sure to pass it on to Poseidon so he can check into it a bit more.


2.APD members do it just like any other person. You go to a service station and drive the car in and the option should appear for the upgrades. Not all the options are available for APD tho such as chrom.


3. If a player is interfering with you while trying to process someone, warn them. If they do not step back they can be restraind and even given a ticket. If they continue to do it they can even be sent to jail. The HQ is done in the same manner. If you have warned them and they continue to disregard the APD orders they can be given the appropriate ticket. If the ticket doesn't work they can be sent to jail. The general rule is, if someone has done something more then 3 times in a short period of time they can be sent directly to jail.

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Ok thanks for the feedback everyone because im not trying to bend the rules or anything but sometimes it takes a little influencing of the trolls to get them aggravated in order for them to listen but i dont know all the rules therefore i get hot headed sometimes as well but knowing more of the situations that can come upon ones self is a better option than winging it and getting ban

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