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Olympus Rust Needs Help

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As you all know, Olympus has started its Rust server back up. Poseidon has been constantly improving and fixing all of the bugs that have been present and the server is well-developed right now. However, the population is suffering significantly because the word of it is not out there. So if you enjoy Rust, please come, and bring your friends and play on Olympus Rust, you won't regret it. If you used to play and chose not to anymore because you disliked something, please feel free to make a suggestion because it can be easily changed to cater to the players. I just don't want to see the Olympus Rust server fail again, it has the potential, but just needs the players. The main reason for the population drop is the update issue 2 weeks ago, however, that has been resolved. The server can't even be found easily on the server browser because of its pop, so just playing could help us out. Do you part! If you guys need the server info, I included it below: 

IP - (Console: client.connect

Name - Olympus Rust[4/6]/2x/NO TP/Kits/QSmelt/Clans/Active Staff



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If anyone would like to start off fresh, the next force wipe is on Thursday the 14th, and it was previously wiped on the 6th, so it is still pretty early. It was only one week this time around due to the delay of the Rust update, however is normally biweekly wipes.

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