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Selling Cop and BW Gear

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Cop Guns

  • 1x Spar-16 
  • 3x PO7
  • 1x Mk-1 
  • 1x MX
  • 3x CMR
  • 1x Spar-16s
  • 3x 4-five

Cop Clothing

  • 2x Full LT+ Gear (without gun)
  • 2x Sergeant Vest
  • 2x Police beret
  • 3x Black NVG

BW Guns

  • 1x MXSW
  • 1x MX


  • 20x Stones
  • 1x Black Arco
  • 1x MRD
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28 minutes ago, 860homicidehartford said:

Hey do u have mags for the CMRs cuz i have 2 CMRS and how much for the both lethal and the non lethal MXs

NOT SELLING JUST MAGS, and offer for stuff no set price

7 minutes ago, Turtle Chris said:

How many mx sw mags?


not sellling just mags they come with the gun

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Cop Guns

  • 1x Spar-16 SOLD
  • 3x PO7 SOLD
  • 1x Mk-1 BID 
  • 1x MX 
  • 3x CMR SOLD
  • 1x Spar-16s SOLD
  • 3x 4-five SOLD

Cop Clothing

  • 2x Full LT+ Gear (without gun) BID
  • 2x Sergeant Vest SOLD
  • 2x Police beret  SOLD
  • 3x Black NVG SOLD

BW Guns

  • 1x MXSW BID
  • 1x MX


  • 20x Stones
  • 1x Black Arco SOLD
  • 1x MRD SOLD
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